Wissahickon Shist is a unique and very distinctive rock from the Wissahickon Creek valley . This Precambrian  stone is over 500 million years old. It is speckled with flecks of glittery mica, quartz, and almadine garnets.  It comes in: silver, golden, gray, brown, tan, yellow and
blue tones. It's natural shape and colors make it the perfect stone for wearable art.

Each Wissahickon Schist is uniquely wrapped with
sterling silver, and it comes on a silk cord.  No two
are alike - each stone has it's own unique beauty

email for availability: wissahickonjewelry@gmail.com

If you fall in love with a piece of Wissahickon jewelry,
please buy it quickly - pieces go very fast on site.
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I will ship item(s) to you within 2-3 business days.  (shipping is included in price). 

I put new wearable art pieces in the Wissahickon Gallery every week. Please visit the Gallery often to see more Wissahickon Schist beauties.

A typical example an over  500 million year old Wissahickon Schist (above) featuring Almandine garnet, Staurolite and minor blue Kyanite.
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Wissahickon stone      $35.         A2
  Wissahickon Stone     $35.    A3